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Martial Arts Knights Order (MAKO) in 2009  kicked-off an After School Program at the Garland School District GISD – in the Freeman Elementary School, supported by the GISD TECHNOLOGY CENTER. There, we have benefited more than 200 students and parents.  Since 2010  through our Black Belt students have extended the program with the help of organizations “Big Thought” and “Thriving Minds” to the School District in Dallas-DISD – EB COMSTOCK Middle School, J.L. Long Middle School, W.W. BUSHMAN Elementary School, and EDWARD TITCHE Elementary School, benefiting more than 300 students in rotary scales. In 2011 with the Summer Camp Program, CASA VIEW Elementary School, over 350 students participated and enjoyed this benefit.

By 2012 there is the prospect of increasing the number of schools that will benefit from this program. The basis of this program is the Judo and Taekwondo as Olympic sports, and Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido and Martial Arts Capoeira as complementary. In the month of April will be held THE FIRST SCHOOL DIADA MAKO, in which students compete in martial arts skills and Basic Gymnastics General.
The development of this program aims to teach students, and physical safe martial skills, courtesy, mutual respect, restraint and a spirit of constant improvement both physically and mentally, socially and culturally.

Participating schools 2012/2013:


1. Edward Titche
2. Young Jr. Whitney
3. Herbert Marcus
4.C.A. Tatum
5. Frank Guzick
6. Nancy Cochran


1. E.B. Comstock
2. Harold Wendell Lang
3. Thomas C. Marsh
4. Edward H.Cary
5. Francisco “Pancho” Medrano


1. Freeman
2. Abbet


1. Sachse High School



 Martial Arts Knights Order (MAKO) inició en el año 2009 un After School Program en el Distrito Escolar de Garland-GISD – en la FREEMAN Elementary School, apoyados por el GISD TECHNOLOGY CENTER. Alli hemos beneficiado a mas de 200 alumnos y padres.  Desde el año 2010  a traves de nuestros estudiantes Cinturones Negros hemos extendido el programa con la ayuda de las Organizaciones “BIG THOUGHT” y ” THRIVING MINDS”, a el Distrito Escolar de Dallas-DISD – en E.B. COMSTOCK Middle School, J.L. LONG Middle School , W.W. BUSHMAN Elementary School, and EDWARD TITCHE Elementary School, beneficiando a mas de 300 alumnos en escalas rotativas. En el 2011 con el Programa de Summer Camp, CASA VIEW Elementary School,mas de 350 alumnos participaron y disfrutaron de este beneficio.

Para el 2012 existe la perspectiva de aumentar el numero de Escuelas que se beneficiaran de este Programa.
La base de este Programa es el JUDO y el TAEKWONDO,como deportes Olimpicos, y el KUNG FU, JIU JITSU, HAPKIDO y CAPOEIRA como Artes Marciales complementarias. En el mes de Abril se realizara THE FIRST SCHOOL MAKO DIADA, en la cual los alumnos competiran en habilidades de Artes Marciales y Gimnasia Basica General.
      El desarrollo de este Programa tiene como finalidad enseñar a los estudiantes, habilidades marciales y fisicas seguras , la cortesia, el respeto mutuo, el auto control y un espiritu de superacion constante tanto fisica como mental,social y cultural.  

Freeman Elementary School



Martial art training serves as a vehicle to instill the values and skills necessary to combat the peer pressures associated with at risk behaviors. The core philosophy of Martial Arts stresses the vital importance of a healthy mind and body necessary to lead a productive life.

Our program is evaluated annually and the scientific case studies have shown that Martial Arts Knights’ Order. (M.A.K.O.) has impacted the lives of children in a positive way. The philosophies of our program are to attach our youth to caring adult instructors that contribute to the development of the student with conflict resolution skills that lead to a reduction in youth violence and bullying, creates more independence and competency, while nurturing goals of higher aspirations in the students.

Martial Arts Knights’ Order. (M.A.K.O.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to build strong moral character in our youth through martial arts. We provide a program that replaces many missing elements in our students’ lives by offering a mentoring role model, a greater chance to succeed in reaching their goals, and developing discipline through physical & mental conditioning. Most importantly, MAKO gives our students hope for their futures and an opportunity to believe in themselves.

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