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* Juegos, Ejercicios y Actividades para la enseñanza del Taekwondo.

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* USA TKD Competition Rules /2013 – (3 eBooks). . . . . . . . . * TKD Reglamento, Arbitraje & Competition Rules (3 eBooks)

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TKD-USAT Competition Rules /2013
TKD-Poomsae Competition Rules /2013
TKD-Junior Competition Rules /2013

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se compila aspectos sobre planificación, pedagogía y evaluación del desempeño.

Los temas aquí desarrollados esbozan algunos elementos que son necesarios tomar en consideración al momento de asumir la enseñanza del arte del Karate Do, al igual que han sido abordados con la intención de ayudar a mejorar el enfoque del arte marcial como un sistema educativo y formativo del individuo como ser marcial y social.

Autor  : Sensei  Hector Manuel Limas Cely. Santa fe de Bogotá – Colombia.

Amazing Secrets Of The Martial Arts Masters 

Learn the Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters. Drive a Nail with you head Take full power punches to body Bend a knife on your Neck Knock anyone down witn 1 finger Unbend able Arm.

About the Author 9th Degree Black Belt 41 Years teaching experience World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1998 Grandmaster Instructor of the Year 2000 International Weapons Master Instructor of Year 2001 Martial Arts Weapons Hall of Fame 2001 World Head of Family Sokeship Council 1999 Martial Art Legends Hall of Fame 2001 Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 2002 World Black Belt Hall of Fame 2003 3 Times US Karate Sparring Champion 2 Times US Karate Weapons Champion Author 38 Books 24 DVD.

Chinese Martial Arts: From Antiquity to the Twenty-First Century

Book Description Publication Date: December 5, 2011 In the global world of the twenty-first century, martial arts are practiced for self-defense and sporting purposes only. However, for thousands of years, they were a central feature of military practice in China and essential for the smooth functioning of society. Individuals who were adept in using weapons were highly regarded, not simply as warriors but also as tacticians and performers. This book, which opens with an intriguing account of the very first female martial artist, charts the history of combat and fighting techniques in China from the Bronze Age to the present. This broad panorama affords fascinating glimpses into the transformation of martial skills, techniques, and weaponry against the background of Chinese history, the rise and fall of empires, their governments, and their armies. Quotations from literature and poetry, and the stories of individual warriors, infuse the narrative, offering personal reflections on prowess in the battlefield and techniques of engagement. This is an engaging and readable introduction to the authentic history of Chinese martial arts.

Christianity and the Martial Arts

John Roche.- This is the first and most important eBook I have ever written. If you have questions about the issues a Christian faces when studying the martial arts this eBook is for you. After almost 20 years of martial arts training, I ran head long into an immovable force. That force was Jesus. This eBook deals with the things that I struggle to reconcile as I examined my life “soberly”, in the clear like of perfect love. Whether you are a Christian thinking of starting martial arts training, are a martial artist who is being chase by the hounds of heaven, or you know a Christian who is, this is a great eBook for you to read. It is written in every day language with foot notes so you do more research if you want.

Totally TKD Issue 25

The latest issue of Totally TKD is up. My favorite articles from this month are as follows: Offensive and defensive entry techniques – p. 37 Prearranged sparring – p. 53 Devotion to the impossible – p. 65

Also, if you are a Taekwondo instructor or enthusiast the magazine is asking for article submissions. See p. 75 for instructions.


About the Author Neil Horton is a highly experienced martial artist and founder of the Martial Arts Brotherhood.

Book Description Publication Date: December 12, 2005 This illustrated book is a thorough and authoritative guide to all the major forms of martial arts that have emerged from Japan, covering the culture, application and forms of dozens of disciplines from Judo to Jo-jutsu, Aikido to Sumo, Karate to Kyudo. Neil Horton is a highly experienced martial artist and founder of the Martial Arts Brotherhood.




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